Juice Tea

Juice Tea originated from the lifestyle of consumers, much like the inception in Victoria. Victoria, observing consumers who sought to beautify their small spaces, started with the creation of gallery concept tea samplers.

The newly discovered lifestyle emphasized drinking large amounts of water for health, with tea being a preferred choice. We wondered if enhancing the taste and freshness of the water they drink would be appreciated.

Juice, unless freshly squeezed, involves boiling with flavorings, colorings, and edible acids. Consuming excessive amounts of coffee can be taxing on the body for anyone, and drinking too much tea can become monotonous.

Hence, the idea emerged to create fruit tea that more closely resembles juice. To achieve this, we contacted companies renowned for edible flavorings used in juices and cakes. We found reputable companies in Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, and Australia.

The most suitable flavorings for the Juice Tea concept were found in Australian products. Using encapsulation technology, they minimized the use of sugar. Despite reservations due to the negative connotations associated with sugar, we found that the clean aftertaste from the sugar method in Australia was the best choice after extensive sample tastings.

We introduced three flavors – Green Apple, Strawberry, and Lemon – in the Amazon fruit tea category. Among them, Green Apple became the preferred choice for many consumers.

Now, we are launching Juice Tea in capsule tea and pyramid tea bag formats. Steeped strongly and mixed with ice and water or carbonated water, it transforms into a refreshing beverage with a vibrant aroma.

We’ve created an alternative choice – not coffee, not traditional tea, not soda or water – but a new form of beverage. We are eagerly anticipating the response from consumers.

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