2024 World Tea Exhibition, Las Vegas, USA

We recently participated in the 2024 World Tea Exhibition in Las Vegas, which offered an excellent opportunity for emerging brands like ours to connect with a variety of consumers and industry professionals in the US.

During the event, we showcased prototypes of our existing products, and the response from visitors was overwhelmingly positive. Encouraged by this feedback, we’re preparing to launch an Amazon Store to better serve the needs of our international customers.

One of the highlights was the chance to interact with neighboring booths from India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. These connections blossomed into valuable friendships, and we’re even planning a trip to India in April to meet with our existing partners and explore collaboration opportunities with our new friends for crafting our masala chai.

We’re thankful to all the visitors who showed interest in our offerings during the exhibition. Looking forward, we have ambitious plans for future exhibitions. While we’re considering having a booth at the 2025 event in Japan, we’re also exploring opportunities in other Western countries like SIAL or even considering returning to Las Vegas.