100,000 comments – Flavor, Beauty, and Price

Our journey began with the foundational years, where we forged partnerships with suppliers, shaped the essence of our company, and focused on establishing our manufacturing capabilities. During this time, approximately six years were dedicated to bringing our products to market.

We are immensely thankful for the steady support from consumers who have consistently chosen our products. Over the span of six years, we have sold around 100,000 units of consumer sampler products and received an equal number of customer comments. Continuously pondering on the direction forward, we hold customer feedback as the utmost indicator of our path.

Among the 100,000 comments left by our customers, several keywords resonated – sophistication, beauty, suitability for gifting, affordability, emotional appeal, uniqueness, and deliciousness.

From these insights, it appears our customers are guiding us towards three pivotal elements for our future endeavors: Flavor, Beauty, and Price. In an era of constant change, we are committed to upholding these values.

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