I went to India in April 2024. It’s been 8 years since I started TEA company named Clayton. Considering that most well-known companies have been around for 30 or 100 years, we’re still a newcomer, but the journey hasn’t been easy so far.

The first and most difficult thing was finding good suppliers and partners. We had to set up factories and import tea bag machines while progressing simultaneously.

Currently, our partners are mainly Sri Lanka, India, China, and Germany. Sri Lanka and India for black tea, China for Chinese tea, and Germany for various herbal refining companies. The tea brands are connected with companies from various countries. It’s such a large-scale industry, moving in bulk from vast plantations.

To build steady trust in taste, we had to start from the beginning with history and scale. Currently, our partner is one of leading exporter within India, holding five plantations in Assam and adding one more in 2022, totaling six. Plantations refer to both tea fields and refining factories. For our brands, Breakfast blend, Assam, and Assam CTC, we directly cultivate without going through auctions, importing only an appropriate amount for the current year.

The distribution of most Indian teas, like in Sri Lanka, is mostly done through auctions, similar to other agricultural products, domestically and internationally. Each company takes quantities after tasting as per their requirements. In the case of Darjeeling, large-scale cultivation in mountainous areas is difficult, so we purchase the required quantity from auctions. All Indian teas are handled by a taster with 22 years of experience from the beginning.

During my visit to India for various discussions on black tea, this is a record of visiting the mentioned sixth plantation with the manager. For overseas sales, we’re engaging in activities like trademark applications for LOEYTEA, participating in exhibitions, etc. Building a YouTube channel and an Amazon store are also part of it. I wanted to upload meaningful content on YouTube, so I included a field trip. (I briefly worked as a documentary PD a long time ago.)

I captured the manufacturing process of black tea and scenes from the tea fields. They were truly beautiful and pure landscapes and people.

It’s all thanks to our customers who consistently choose and love us. Thank you.

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