Our Design Philosophy:

C from CMYK:

LOEYTEA encapsulates the purity and elegance of tea through the beauty of monochrome. Cyan Blue represents the “C” in CMYK, the foundational color in printing. Our philosophy prioritizes the basics, aiming to implement a consistent color anywhere, reflecting our commitment to simplicity.

Environmentally Conscious Choices:

Our packaging reflects our commitment to the environment, using uncoated paper, aluminum, and eco-friendly tea bags. While we acknowledge the limitations that necessitate the use of PE Pack for food safety, we are committed to choosing a better alternative if it emerges. For those pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, LOEYTEA stands as a superior choice.


The LOEYTEA logo draws inspiration from the memories shared with the consumers who have been with us from the beginning, gifting and choosing us as a present. Like a ribbon tying a gift, the typography exudes beauty, embodying our current form. We still aspire to be a gift to you.

Intuitive Expression:

Our mode of expression aims to be straightforward, delivering essential information. A product faithful to the expectations of consumers, offering an intuitive and uncomplicated experience. We seek to provide consumers with a product that aligns with their expectations.

Beauty of Flat Design:

Our design journey began with flat surfaces, lines, and typography. Utilizing letters to convey meaning in a design that maximizes simplicity on a flat plane. From the outset, we have pursued intuitive and refined beauty based on flat design principles.

Our design philosophy embraces Modernism. Amidst everything that surrounds the modern individual’s life, as it moves towards something greater, we aspire to be a source of beauty that the contemporary person will love.


LOEY Tea aims to become a brand accessible to everyone, following the example of IKEA and ZARA with their excellent systems.

We aspire to be a brand that is joyful, sophisticated, yet easily approachable by all. IKEA offers a diverse range of products, from very affordable and simple items to luxurious and intricate designs. It is open to everyone, providing the best in design.

ZARA, on the other hand, swiftly produces the latest fashion items with good-quality fabrics. With reasonable prices, its products are designed to be touched and enjoyed by anyone who walks in.

Emphasizing good design and quality materials, we strive to be a brand that feels like a friend, always there for easy accessibility. This is one of the values LOEY Tea pursues, aiming to consistently offer customers a comfortable and enjoyable experience.