Regarding Values:

During the time of the East India Company, venturing to distant lands to cultivate land and bring back tea was a massive industry.

In the modern world, logistics can move through sea and air to any destination. All information is readily available, and the hierarchical system with excessively high added value is collapsing.

Key sources like India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Europe, and China allow us to obtain raw materials at any time.

Companies that have supplied major brands in Europe or emerging brands for many years have accumulated expertise in raw materials and production facilities. All companies have similar levels of quality and raw materials.

In the case of expressing taste through blending, such suppliers can create it limitlessly. However, there are limitations to instilling fantasy in such an industrial system.

What matters in today’s era is how to convey values and philosophy. It is about bringing products from the original source and designing them on behalf of consumers. It is about becoming an intermediary, playing a certain role.

Now is the age of consumer empathy towards the services provided, design, and the philosophy pursued. Roytea aspires to become an icon that brings happiness and joy into customers’ lives, partnering with major sources worldwide.