100,000 comments – Flavor, Beauty, and Price

Our journey began with the foundational years, where we forged partnerships with suppliers, shaped the essence of our company, and focused on establishing our manufacturing capabilities. During this time, approximately six years were dedicated to bringing our products to market.

We are immensely thankful for the steady support from consumers who have consistently chosen our products. Over the span of six years, we have sold around 100,000 units of consumer sampler products and received an equal number of customer comments. Continuously pondering on the direction forward, we hold customer feedback as the utmost indicator of our path.

Among the 100,000 comments left by our customers, several keywords resonated – sophistication, beauty, suitability for gifting, affordability, emotional appeal, uniqueness, and deliciousness.

From these insights, it appears our customers are guiding us towards three pivotal elements for our future endeavors: Flavor, Beauty, and Price. In an era of constant change, we are committed to upholding these values.

Our Design Philosophy:

C from CMYK:

LOEYTEA encapsulates the purity and elegance of tea through the beauty of monochrome. Cyan Blue represents the “C” in CMYK, the foundational color in printing. Our philosophy prioritizes the basics, aiming to implement a consistent color anywhere, reflecting our commitment to simplicity.

Environmentally Conscious Choices:

Our packaging reflects our commitment to the environment, using uncoated paper, aluminum, and eco-friendly tea bags. While we acknowledge the limitations that necessitate the use of PE Pack for food safety, we are committed to choosing a better alternative if it emerges. For those pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, LOEYTEA stands as a superior choice.


The LOEYTEA logo draws inspiration from the memories shared with the consumers who have been with us from the beginning, gifting and choosing us as a present. Like a ribbon tying a gift, the typography exudes beauty, embodying our current form. We still aspire to be a gift to you.

Intuitive Expression:

Our mode of expression aims to be straightforward, delivering essential information. A product faithful to the expectations of consumers, offering an intuitive and uncomplicated experience. We seek to provide consumers with a product that aligns with their expectations.

Beauty of Flat Design:

Our design journey began with flat surfaces, lines, and typography. Utilizing letters to convey meaning in a design that maximizes simplicity on a flat plane. From the outset, we have pursued intuitive and refined beauty based on flat design principles.

Our design philosophy embraces Modernism. Amidst everything that surrounds the modern individual’s life, as it moves towards something greater, we aspire to be a source of beauty that the contemporary person will love.

Stylish Yet Affordable

In the realm of teas, we often encounter products that swing between being either too cheap or excessively pricey. For us, it transcends the mere item; it’s about brand value, the image, and the style it embodies. Luxury items wouldn’t maintain their standing if it were solely about the product itself. Our purchases extend beyond necessity; they’re a reflection of our style.

We’ve observed an influx of products from third countries flooding the market at surprisingly low prices. Frankly, they’re all acquainted, sharing the same teas from identical fields. The differentiating factor lies in how they choose to express it, much like paintings creating distinct moods even with the same brush and materials.

As professionals in international trading, design, and the food industry, we strive for reasonability. While we aim for exceptional value to solidify our position in the market, it’s crucial to us that this value remains accessible. With our arsenal of high-quality teas, innovative design, and style, we aim to be the preferred choice for our consumers. When someone with expertise in the tea industry sees our customers choosing our products, we want them to think, ‘Wow, that’s quite a good one.’

Establishing a system across various countries has been a challenging journey, particularly in the agriculture industry where relationships matter. You can’t merely buy what you need; the supplier wants to know you first.

Our goal is to be a distinctive choice — stylish yet affordable, particularly catering to the younger generation. We’re dedicated to continuous growth, making things right and better. It’s an exciting motto guiding our path forward.

Art in Life

Discover ‘Art in Life’ on Our Products

At the start of our journey, we were making teabags in pouches. One day, we decided to add a little extra as a token of appreciation. Our first souvenir was a pencil, but as we noticed young people decorating their walls with art, we wanted to give them something special for free—a beautiful postcard with paintings on it.

A Gift of Artistry: The Gallery Concept Tea Sampler

The warm reception of our postcards motivated us to introduce the Gallery Concept Tea Sampler—a remarkable gift set. We recognized that many tea products were priced beyond the reach of young consumers, and so we set out to change that. Our gift sets feature thick, premium paper with exquisite teas sourced from trusted suppliers with a long history of serving major brands. Then we wanted to make it an affordable price, $10 each.

Spreading Joy: Art in Life Philosophy

Over the years, our product range has expanded, offering different versions of our tea samplers. People continue to enjoy them, proudly gifting them to friends as a symbol of sophistication and premium quality. This journey has not only brought happiness to our customers but has also enriched our own lives. Guided by the spirit of Victoria, we are dedicated to infusing art into the lives of our consumers. ‘Art in Life’ isn’t merely about creating products; it embodies our passion for excellence. We eagerly release new product groups with fresh concepts each year, and we are immensely grateful to everyone who has supported us in this artistic endeavor, enabling us to continue sharing the joy of ‘Art in Life.’