LOEYTEA is a proud brand within the Clayton Tea company. Given the widespread association of Clayton with trademarks in many countries, we aimed to choose an engaging name for our venture into international markets. The name LOEYTEA carries two profound meanings.

Firstly, amid a period of profound challenges, our founder David sought solace one night at a local church. It was there, by chance, that he came across a verse from the biblical Book of Deuteronomy, which spoke of entering a new land, filled with valleys and mountains, blessed with heavenly rain. Despite being in the worst time of his life, he found comfort in those words. A decade later, he came to realize that we are indeed living in the very place described in that verse. LOEY is a fusion of the first two letters of "LOVE" and the last two letters of "OBEY," resonating with the book's theme of love and obedience.

The second meaning narrates our journey from humble beginnings. Starting with just two cartons of black tea from Sri Lanka, we faced challenges but emerged resilient. A pivotal moment came when we created postcards featuring famous paintings as gifts for consumers. Delighted by the response, we translated the postcard concept into tea gift sets. This evolved into our philosophy, embodied by our name "Love&Obey." It represents our dedication to warmheartedly fulfilling our consumers' desires. Today, our tea samplers, born from this concept, remain a steadfast favorite, symbolizing our commitment to this core value - Love&Obey.