Our Origin

Love&Obey Tea drew inspiration from a significant turning point in my life—a time marked by the passing of my father and the ensuing challenges and financial hardships. The family had to disperse, and after enduring a difficult life abroad, I found myself returning to my hometown with virtually nothing. Everyone around me seemed to have abandoned me.

Just days before leaving, I visited a local church in the village. It was the last night of that year. Sitting in a corner, lost in thought, I encountered words that resonated deeply with me. “But the land you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain from heaven.” It was Deuteronomy 11:11.

I had to toil hard every day, but there was no improvement. Yet those words felt like someone comforting me, as if someone was holding my solitary, struggling hands. I gained the courage to return to my hometown, feeling it was a place cared for by God. It was a vivid and unforgettable moment, etched in my memory despite the passing years.

Upon returning to my hometown, I secured a position in a reputable company. I worked diligently for seven years, undergoing rigorous trials and training. Eventually, I left the corporate world to establish my own company – a business importing and manufacturing tea. What started in a small office soon grew to a company filled with products and materials.

It was a miracle, we built a factory – a place that aligned with the message I heard in the church that night. It was a beautiful location surrounded by mountains and valleys. Initially, we named it to reflect the beauty of the land, but upon reflection, I felt a name tied to the theme of God and Deuteronomy would be more meaningful.

Hence, it became Love&Obey, encompassing the theme “Love and obey the Lord your God.” Taking the initial letters of Love and the last letters of Obey, we named it LOEY. This name encapsulates not only the essence of a tea brand but also my gratitude to God who shaped my journey and a desire to remember the transformative moment in my life.

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