Victoria’s collection, themed as “Gallery in Everyday Life,” is a assortment of products created in 2017. Centered around gift sets that depict an art gallery, we’ve curated a selection of familiar and basic teas such as black tea and herbal tea, making it easy and straightforward for anyone to choose.

The inception of Victoria was rooted in a genuine interest in customers. When we first imported tea leaves to create our products, our tea bags were sealed and packaged in envelopes. Despite being among many brands, we were grateful for those who chose us, so we prepared gifts. These gifts were art postcards commonly found in galleries. Whenever someone purchased our products, we included the postcard.

Witnessing the joy of people receiving and proudly displaying these postcards on their walls was heartening. At one point, a sales channel suggested proposing year-end gift sets. Starting with the popular postcard size, we wanted to gift a small gallery to every household. The Victoria series, born from this idea, has been warmly embraced during the season of exchanging gifts every year.

Our journey began with the concept of ‘gifts.’ We started by creating gifts that even young students could easily choose. It became part of our philosophy to have an interest in their lives, make gifts for them, and be something good they would want to give to someone else. It still brings us immense joy.




Victoria by Clayton Tea | Tea Sampler