Modialoc was envisioned as a brand set to explore the vast world. Our products and brand concepts predominantly draw from the founder’s personal memories, holding the belief that they encapsulate meaning and distinctive flavors.

The name “Clayton” is derived from a famous general in the UK’s history. Despite its commonality in many Western countries and numerous trademarks, it was chosen because the founder, David, found solace with God in the town where he lived amid life’s challenges. Regardless of outcomes, the recollection of that memory provided him with courage.

Seeking a fresh identity, we turned to “Mordialloc,” a quaint beach town near David’s residence, renowned for its picturesque pier. This was a place where he often engaged in night fishing, dreaming as he gazed at the sea during sunsets and moonrises. These memories were transformed into our brand, with a tweaked spelling for easier recall – Modialoc.

Aligning with Clayton’s C representing Cyan Blue, Modialoc was assigned M, symbolizing Magenta. This color choice, rooted in the basics of CMYK used in printing, aimed to embody the philosophy of ‘Basic.’ The common front design drew from currency, aspiring to convey ‘value’ resonating universally.

Introducing black tea and blended tea in the form of pulp tea bags, we participated in SIAL Paris and carried out sales on Amazon US for approximately a year. However, the US Trademark Office rejected the trademark due to its similarity in pronunciation to a specific milk powder brand in France, as noted by a lawyer. After careful consideration and consultation, the decision was made to discontinue the project.

Consequently, Modialoc is no longer actively pursued, recognized as a venture marked by failure and mistakes. The silver lining, however, lies in the valuable lessons learned. Building upon this experience, LOEYTEA emerged as a new endeavor.




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