As the Victoria series garnered much love, it evolved into multiple collections. With its gallery concept, Victoria strongly embraced the notion of curation. Inspired by the joy consumers found in the gallery concept, the desire to create another series, akin to an artist’s solo exhibition, led to the inception of Gallery Blue, symbolizing Clayton Tea’s Cyan Blue.

All copyrights for artworks vary slightly by country, usually based on a posthumous 100-year standard for the artist. In alignment with this standard and through consistent reflection and effort, Henri Matisse, who built a beloved world of art accessible to everyone, was chosen as the inaugural artist.

The second artist featured is Vincent van Gogh, whose life and artistic world are widely known. The primary reason for his selection is his desire to be remembered as a warm artist, a sentiment that resonates with our philosophy.

Initially, the production involved equipping necessary facilities and individually wrapping each item in plastic. However, a few years ago, a decision was made to discontinue the use of vinyl packaging machinery and materials. Consequently, tea bags are now packaged in aluminum packs, with five tea bags in each.




Gallery Blue | Tea Gift Set